Why You Can Use Indoor Farming Methods Practically Anywhere

While folks often think of sprawling rural lands when the word “farming” comes up, that is not necessarily the case. Today, a growing number of urban and suburban dwellers are getting in on the action of indoor farming. No matter what the size of your home’s interior, you can find great ideas to get started now!

Of course, the specifics that you opt to grow will depend on the amount of room you have to use indoor farming for your own foods. However, with innovative ideas already being employed elsewhere, you can make good use of unexpected areas such as your walls!

Farming Methods Re-Imagined

No, this doesn’t mean that you’re going to start poking holes in your wall and filling them with soil! Instead, wall gardens depend on some type of vertical planter being used. Some folks opt to transform old pallets into very attractive and usable shelves for their indoor garden. Others make use of over-the-door devices designed to hold shoes.

You can use these ideas for all kinds of smaller plants including strawberries. Some folks opt to turn them into year-round herb gardens. Can you imagine how attractive one of your walls would look with fresh, flavorful herbs decorating it that you can use whenever you want? This is just one of the ways that you can grow them indoors.

Many people use the kitchen windowsill for their herb gardens. If yours has sufficient sunlight, this can be a great idea. For those who like to be creative, you could even turn your lavender or rosemary into an attractive topiary design!

Another tool that has been developed for urban gardeners are tall planters with multiple openings around the outside. They don’t take up much space but provide room for multiple plants with shallow root systems.

Other Options You Might Want to Consider

Don’t forget about the option to hang your plants. Though often associated with spider plants or similar ones with long trails on the sides, you can use hangers for edibles as well. In fact, you can even find some upside down planters created with tomatoes in mind.

These ideas are a great place to begin your brainstorming efforts. Continue to learn more about your options so you can choose the best containers and methods for yourself. However, there are a few words of caution to take with you.

First of all, make sure that the planters you choose are safe for growing food. This is particularly important if you are utilizing non-traditional planting means.

Secondly, find out the right types of soil, fertilizer and general care that your plants will need. For folks that are new or have limited space, it is generally a good idea to start with plants that have similar needs.

The third thing to keep in mind is that you need to see where the sunlight strikes your home throughout the day so that your freshly grown foods have the right amount of light to thrive.

If you are interested in growing your own food but lack a yard to do it in, these suggestions are a great place to begin. While you might not be able to grow everything, you will enjoy the empowerment and delicious flavors that result!

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