The Smart Way to Grow Food in a Big City – Tropical Urban Gardening

John from visits a community garden in the middle of San Jose, Costa Rica to share with you how they are growing food the smart way in a tropical permaculture and vegetable garden.

In this episode, John visits the FundaciĆ³n de Lucha por la Tierra (Fultierra) community garden in San Jose, Costa Rica to share with you some tips on growing vegetables the smart way.

You will discover how you can grow food in the city, and why it is important to grow food. You will learn why this organization started growing food in the city.

You will discover the raised bed way of vegetable gardening as well as the permaculture way of growing food compared side-by-side.

You will learn about many plants that grow well in tropical climates, and why you may want to avoid growing others.

You will discover many rare and unique kinds of vegetables that you may have never heard of, and how they can benefit mankind.

You will learn about some of the most important perennial crops you can grow in the tropics in a raised bed garden or for your permaculture food forest.

You will discover the best way to compost as well how you can dry food using the power of the sun.

You will learn how you can use a tree to provide shade for your baby seedings that are planted into the ground before they are moved to their forever home, and much, much more.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
01:51 Support me and Purchase a GYG Tee Shirt or Hat
05:12 Comparison of Raised Bed vs Permaculture
08:27 Malabar Spinach
09:30 Learn about New Foods that you may not be familiar with
10:10 Culantro – Hot weather cilantro substitute
13:30 Iceberg Lettuce Growing in Costa Rica
15:26 Katuk- Best Tasting Leafy Green Tree – Sauropus Androgenous
19:46 Yucca – Tuberous Root Crop, rich in carbohydrates /
20:30 Yacon – Sweet Tuberous Root Crop
21:55 Composting Examples
24:08 Compost Tube
26:00 Making Earthworm Castings – the best compost
28:27 Arracacha (Aracacia xanthorrhiza) – rare root crop
29:22 Bitter Drops Plant
30:05 Taro
30:19 Blue Leaf
31:51 Tilo Leaf for Tea (Justicia pectoralis)
34:00 Roselle and False Roselle (Edible Hibiscus) and Cranberry Hibiscus
35:30 False Sunflower for building soil fertility
36:11 Solar Food Dehydrator using convection
38:02 Hidden Plant Nursery
38:43 Aztec Sweet Herb – Sweet Leaf Like Stevia

After watching this episode, you will learn some of the smart ways you can grow food in a big city. You will discover some of the smart herbs and vegetables you can grow that will benefit you and the planet most if you live in the tropics.

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