Rabbits: Sustainable Food Source

Are you wondering what makes rabbits the ultimate sustainable food source? Learn the hows and whys here!

Rabbits: Sustainable Food Source?Substitute for Expensive Food

Substitute for Expensive Food | Rabbits: Sustainable Food Source

Sustainable food provides a number of benefits to humans, the environment, and life as a whole. On a more specific context, it improves the important aspects of life, such as the economy, health, ecology, and survival.

In these times where the economy is unstable and money is scarce, growing and raising your own food can be a great alternative to expensive food such as the preserved and/or processed variety. Apart from this, the nutritional value of homegrown food goes straight to the body and results in an improved physical state. Utilizing sustainable food also allows you to save on grocery bills by as much as 50%.

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Rabbits, The Ultimate Self-Sustaining Food Source | Rabbits: Sustainable Food Source

For a while, I debated which animal is best to breed for food. I considered chickens, rabbits, ducks, geese, and a few larger types like goats. After some research, I decided to go for rabbits for many reasons. They’re very easy to feed, they breed and grow fast, and they don’t need very much space. Rabbit meat tastes very good, and rabbit fur has a lot of uses.

Growing rabbits for meat is a very productive enterprise. When our children were small, we lived in a small town on a small property and we decided to experiment with growing NZ White rabbits for meat. It was a great way to put meat on the table for a relatively low cost and not only is it reasonable in price, but homegrown rabbits are also delicious. It isn’t gamey and most people say it tastes just like chicken. I think it is much nicer than chicken and a great idea for sustainable living.

This year, we decided we would get back into it. The search began for rabbits and all the accessories we need. In this blog, I hope to outline what you need to know about rabbits, how to feed them, and the best buys for those interested in getting into small-scale rabbit production. (The first photo shows the does corner with the middle doe due any day to have her babies and the other two with their babies. The second photo shows the buck Bobby and the last photo is a picture of 10 rabbits hanging in the shed)


Sustainable Food Benefits

Sustainable Food Benefits | Rabbits: Sustainable Food Source

When it comes to environmental sustainability, the positive benefits of sustainable food practices are innumerable. The less you travel means less or zero fuel consumption, thereby freeing the air from pollution. Growing a variety of vegetables and breeding animals promotes biodiversity as well as self-sufficiency. Filling containers with rainfall results to water conservation. Creating your own compost pit stops soil degradation and you won’t need to buy fertilizers anymore.

Through gardening, sustainable vegetables and fruits are grown in an organic way which encourages the household members to eat chemical-free food products. As a result, more nutrients enter the body to eliminate diseases and strengthen the immune system. In terms of physical activity, gardening is an opportunity for free exercise and fitness.

Here’s a video by Joe Robinson about inexpensive and healthy rabbit feed:

On the survival aspect, raising livestock provides food for the family without depending on supermarkets for supplies. It is a comforting thought that when SHTF, you will have your very own food source. Rabbits, in this case, do not need too much looking after and they are notoriously prolific. You also have the option to sell the vegetables and animals you have or trade them, depending on the things that you need.

Will you consider rabbits as a sustainable food source? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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Placard | Rabbits: Sustainable Food Source

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in May 2015 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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