Grow Seeds Indoors : April Update. You Can Do This.

Grow Seeds Indoors

Ever wonder what it is like to grow over 200 seedlings a year?  I am small potatoes compared to other herb/vegetable farmers.  So, I thought I would give you an inside glimpse of my seedlings growing inside. You can grow seeds indoors too! Watch the video below:

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Indoor Seed Update! 200+ Seedlings!

Update on the seeds.. See how they are doing inside. It's not too late to sign up for the How to Grow Your Seeds Indoors. 200+ plants and growing more. Saving tons of $$$ and controlling what I want to grow.

Posted by Green Talk on Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Grow Seeds Indoors. What I am Growing!

What you will see in the video are the usual suspects plus some usual additions.   So here goes!

1.  Peppers:  I love peppers.  I can’t grow enough.  And plus,the leaves are yummy!

2.  Eggplant: Can be quite picky to grow. Sometimes they germinate and sometimes they don’t. I have one package that says 58% germ rate! This is not a great scenario for an impatient gardener like me.  I got only so much time for those teenager like seeds.  The wind has to blow in MY direction, seeds.

3. Tomatoes in soil blocks.  I am in love with soil blocking these day.  Oh, those delicious soil brownies.  (Please don’t eat them, kids.)

4. Peanuts:  Okay.  This is not usual to grow them inside but it is either grow them inside or let Ms. Critter pull them out when they sprout.  Hmmm.   Grown them inside.

5. Peas:  I don’t love growing them inside, but sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do.  Over the last couple of years my peas have rotted in the ground for FOMOWW ( fear of missing out on the warm weather).

Yes.  What warm weather??  It is April 11th and it is 46 degrees outside.   (Yeah, but Anna, you are going to be b*tching when it is 90 in three weeks.  Very true.)

Oh and the loves of my life, basil.  It doesn’t matter which ones:  sweet basil, holy basil, lemon, lime basil, and whatever your name is basil.  I love them all.  (Grow tons of basil if you ever have a problem with it dying in the middle of the season.  Here is why.  There is a method to my madness.)

6. Tons of herbs:  I grow a many herbs for my herb company, The Naked Botanical: clary sage, Mexican tarragon, lovage, white sage, sesame, hibiscus, moringa, and ashwaghanda, hopefully cumin (grow baby grow,) one lonely Gota Kola, and summer savory.

Mexican tarragon is so cute and tastes just like french tarragon.    So you don’t need to spend the money on french tarragon plants. (You can’t grow them from seed.)  See I am like State Farm. I know a thing or two about saving money in the garden.

7.  And I love my flowers:  I am growing marigolds, Sweet William, and so many more.

8.  New to the Garden:  I always try new seeds each year.  This year I am trying  ground cherries, a new eggplant, moringa (such a nutritious plant,)  and the flower, Phacelia (Bee’s Friend.)

Be an adventuresome gardener! Consider trying these seeds too!

Do You Want to Be a Grow Seed Indoors Dynamo?

It’s not too late. Consider it.  Grow seeds indoors.  Grab some seeds and let’s start controlling your own destiny!

Save some serious dough.  Think what 200 plants would cost me.  A small fortune.

But here is the rub. Anyone can plop a seed into a pot and hope it grows. I don’t want you to be one of those hope it can growers. I want you to be a “YESS” it germinated, wave your hands in the air type of person.

Seeds aren’t all built alike.  They have different rules.

So say YES.

Sign up HERE.  The course is only open for a limited time.

I promise you.  Once you start growing seeds  indoors, you will never go back to buying plants.

And best yet, you will succeed at growing seeds indoors.

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