Aluminum Foil Hacks | 7 Awesome Uses For The Outdoors

Take these aluminum foil hacks because you never know when they could be handy around your home or in a survival situation!

Aluminum Foil Hacks Every Prepper Must Know


1. Shelter Insulator

To keep the heat in your survival shelter, you can use aluminum foil as an insulator. Put an aluminum foil lining inside your shelter to keep you warm when you’re outdoors.

You can also do this in your sleeping bag and even in your pet’s house. Good aluminum foil thickness will also protect your sleeping bag against moisture.

2. Electricity Conductor

When your flashlight goes off in the night and the spring in the battery container becomes loose, you can replace it with an aluminum foil. This aluminum foil battery trick is easy and straightforward.

Just make a substitute as wide and thick as the spring and the tin foil will act as the electrical conductor. These products have more uses other than a simple food wrap, indeed.

3. Lighting

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At camp nights, sometimes your flashlight isn’t bright enough for you to see in the dark. To brighten up your lights, you can use aluminum foil packaging to intensify the light.

Try attaching the shiny side of the aluminum foil sheet to your source of light. This will improve the brightness of your surroundings.

4. Instant Plate

Rosted beef in plate | Aluminum Foil Hacks | Awesome Uses For The Outdoors Aluminum foil is probably one of the most popular items used in the kitchen. This versatile product is also a good addition to your survival kit when you’re outdoors.

When you’ve run out of paper plates while you’re outdoors, aluminum foil can serve as your substitute plate. Just fold it into a form of a plate and voila, you’re good to eat!

You can even cook in an aluminum foil. The aluminum plate can easily be disposed after usage or you can clean it up and reuse it for later.

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5. Keep Equipment Dry

Matchbox | Aluminum Foil Hacks | Awesome Uses For The Outdoors When the rain starts to pour, you can use aluminum foil to wrap up your things to prevent them from getting wet. Prioritize the things you can’t afford getting soaked, such as electrical gadgets and matches.

Remember though that aluminum sheet won’t make your things waterproof, but it will definitely lessen the risk of getting wet.

6. Fishing Lure

Being a wilderness aficionado, you need to be resourceful and learn how to maximize the use of an item by repurposing it. There are several ways you can repurpose a simple household item such as an aluminum foil roll and use it for your survival when you’re outdoors.

The reflective property of aluminum foil sheets can attract the fishes in the water. Use a little piece of aluminum foil as your fishing lure. Shape it like a small baitfish then attach it to your fishing hook.

7. Sharpen Blade

Kershaw Dimension | Aluminum Foil Hacks | Awesome Uses For The Outdoors If you want to sharpen a dull pair of scissors, you can rub its blades in a thick piece of aluminum foil against both sides of the blade for about two to three minutes. After doing so, you can now use your scissors easily.

You can also do this trick with other blades like your survival knife, but you’ll be needing a thicker aluminum foil. Make sure to be extra careful as you might cut yourself.


Watch this video from 2 Brother’s Adventure for more aluminum foil hacks:

These are just some aluminum foil ideas that my friends and I tried while camping outdoors. Sure enough, there are a lot more uses to it than just food packaging.

If you’re about to head out for an adventure, you might want to pack some aluminum foil sheets in your bug out bag. Who knows? You might be needing these hacks when you’re out in the wild.

What other aluminum foil hacks do you know? Have you tried any of these tin foil hacks before? Share your Survival Life stories in the comments section below!

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