20 Pretty Chicken Coop Designs

Raising chickens has been a trend in other countries.

In Australia, every house had a chicken coop in the time of our grandparents.

When industrialisation rose, mass production of eggs and chickens in the backyard setting declined. Now, it is making a comeback with more and more families raising chicken at home. Besides, it is one way to cut costs. You are also sure to eat fresh chicken and eggs. Now, to make raising chickens all satisfying, why don’t you put up over-the-top chicken coops?

What a fun chore it is to get to feed your chickens everyday with these pretty chicken coops! Here are 20 amazing chicken coop designs you’ll love to have!

1. Rustic Vintage Chicken Coop

via bhg.com

2. Modern Rustic Chicken Coop

via alittlepieceofdebbie.com

3.  The Penthouse Chicken Coop

via carolinacoops.com

4. The Aviary

via toneontoneantiques.blogspot.com

5. Chicken Coop for Harry Potter Fans

via ecowatch.com

6. Country Look Chicken Coop

via tillysnest.com

7. All White Chicken Coop

via countryliving.com

8. Modern Country-Inspired Chicken Coop

via countryliving.com

9. Multi-purpose Chicken Coop

via homedesigninspired.com

10. Garden Roof Chicken Coop

via communitychickens.com

11. Toy Car-Inspired Chicken Coop

via cartierbracelets.co

12. A Chicken Coop from a Children’s Story Book!

via roshak.me

13. Dome-Inspired Aviary

via wahyuputra.com

14. Now that is the thinnest chicken coop ever!

via buzzfeed.com

15. Are we in Alice’s Wonderland?

via oldfashionedfamilies.com

16. Egg-Inspired Chicken Coop. How apt!

via designboom.com

17. Horse Stable-inspired!

via akiey.com

18. Looks like a secret hideout!

via fortikur.com

19. Urban Style Chicken Coop

via huckschickencoops.com

20. Wooden House-inspired Chicken Coop

via chickenheavenonearth.com

Which chicken coop did you drool at the most?

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